There is nothing out
there like Markethive.

We are an Inbound Marketing (automated marketing platform) like Marketo, Paragon.
We are (will be superior to) like Youtube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter etc..
We will also be a search engine like Duck Duck Go but allow you to determine your own algorithms to control the out come. We will have a Curation system like (, as well as a superior conference room like Google Meets (this is in the works) plus our own advertising services that you can sell for profit, our own coin, wallet and exchange.
Markethive is the next generation Social Market Network on Blockchain bringing privacy, autonomy, and free speech to the people.
Integrated into the system is an entire Inbound Marketing Suite, Ad Agency. eCommerce portals, Digital Media, Exchange, and e-wallet forging a sustainable ecosystem for entrepreneurs of every caliber.

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Looking for a Social Media Platform that’s run on Blockchain technology where you will never be banned for your ideas?
You have found the perfect place here at Markethive. Come and join us

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